Biochemical Genetics Training Laboratory Sites

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Children's Hospital Boston Metabolism Laboratory

Location: Children's Hospital, Boston, MA
Director: Deborah Marsden, MD
Test Offerings:

Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis (Non-Newborn Screening)

Plasma/Urine Amino Acid Determinations

Organic Acid Determinations

New England Newborn Screening Program State Laboratory

Location: Jamaica Plain, MA


Director: Roger Eaton, PhD

Chief Medical Officer/Training Supervisor: Inderneel Sahai, MD

Test Offerings:

Screening for amino acids disorders, urine cycle disorders, organic acid and fatty acid oxidation disorders by tandem mass spectrometry technology,
galactosemia by fluorescent assay, biotinidase deficiency by fluorescent assay, Hemoglobinopathes including sickle cell disease by electrophoresis,
cystic fibrosis by DNA mutation, Congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) by immunofluorescence assay, Congenital hypothyroidism by immunofluorescence assay.